Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide comprehensive, quality Addiction Treatment Services exclusively to The Seminole Tribe of Florida. Our Vision is to instill hope and create the belief that change is possible as well as build an atmosphere that allows each individual to find solid ground in recovery. Additionally, to honor our clients’ beliefs and enhance community cohesiveness we will facilitate and assist The Seminole Tribe of Florida as a whole to create their own culture of recovery on each reservation. 


John’s Place focuses on integrating the Seminoles’ Cultural and Traditional ways within a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. We attempt to restore what has been broken, impart faith where there is none and incorporate recovery into each individual and the community as a whole. We have created a philosophy that includes intensely specialized, culturally competent therapeutic interventions, which has created an environment that allows tribal members to internalize sobriety and find a new way to live

Over the last five years, we have adapted and altered services in an effort to help the Seminole Tribal members that enter our treatment facility recover.   Ultimately, our goal for The Seminole Tribe and its members is to continue increasing their recovering community and build a solid foundation within their culture that promotes sobriety.

“The close community and being with a small group of people gives us a better opportunity to recover.  You get in touch with your fellow Tribal members.  We find out that we have similarities.  And, most importantly we can stand up and help one another.” – MF - Client


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