Our VieW

We see addiction as a three-part illness that attacks the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of each individual that suffers from this disease. We also view addiction as a system problem because everyone who is involved with the addict is impacted in some way by this disease. In order to successfully treat our clients; we have integrated key components within our treatment program to assist with healing and repairing the damage that has been done.

“We are prepared mentally, physically and spiritually.  We know what we need to do to be successful.  We are learning how to integrate our recovery.  We learn how to take care of ourselves and overcome our obstacles.”
– CS - Client

“Having only Tribal members here helped tremendously.  We are really from another country so we needed a place that was designed just for us.  The entire format is based on our history.  Everything is catered to our backgrounds and culture, which helps us to learn what we need to and internalize it.”
– JB - Client

“When you’re on the reservation, you’re not in Florida even though you’re in Florida.” 
– MF - Client

Our Approach

We address the many physical illnesses that co-occur with addiction such as Diabetes, Cirrhosis, Obesity, Hepatitis and other problems that are a result of years of neglecting physical well-being.  All of our clients receive appointments for a physical examination within the first two weeks of their admission.  We follow up with all referrals in order to make sure that they receive whatever services they need. We have a Nutritionist who does individual dietary consultations as well as a monthly educational group.  There are also monthly culinary classes.  In these classes, the clients shop with a chef, learn about various foods while at the grocery, cook together as a community, learn various techniques, and enjoy the meal together. Our clients also go to the gym four times each week and have trainers available to assist them with developing an appropriate exercise routine. 

Because of the diversity of legal problems that our clients present with, we have learned how to work with the courts and probation collaboratively.  We have our own Marchman Act specialist who can provide follow-up and file extensions for clients whose families have begun the process of getting treatment for their loved ones.  We also assist with completing requirements of DCF case plans. We work with Felony Court, Drug Court, assist with the process of reinstating as well as first time Driver’s Licenses and Community Control Probation.

We provide tutoring and support with educational pursuits through our collaboration with the Seminole Tribe’s Department of Education.  While at John’s Place, our clients have learned how to read and write, gotten their GED’s and even begun the process of higher education.  We have tutors that come to our facility throughout the week.  For a client that has never been able to read or write and has felt shame because of this for most of their life, being able to read their first sentence is life changing.

We provide opportunities for our clients to pursue their spiritual beliefs through both Traditional and Non-Traditional ways.  We have a Tribal member that comes monthly and facilitates a group on Culture.  We attend all activities and events that the Seminole Tribe provides which are Cultural and Traditional in nature.  If our clients request Indian Medicine, we provide the opportunity for this as well.  In addition, our clients that wish to attend church are given that choice every Sunday. 

We provide a long-term continuum of care that allows tribal members the best possible opportunity for successful integration of their recovery before they return home.

“Over the past five years, we have seen longer periods of sobriety happen with the clients that have gone through John’s Place.  Getting the experience of 6 months, 1 year and longer without using a substance changes everything.”
— Helene Buster, Director of Family Services, Co-founder of John’s Place

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